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Essential Tips to Eliminate Cigar Smoke Indoors

  • 07-September-2017
  • published by: Brenda Roy

Part of the experience of enjoying a cigar is the pleasant whiff of smoke that comes along with it. However, when a dense cloud of smoke builds up or a stale odor lingers in a stuffy room, it can ruin the experience. It can cause coughing, cling to people's clothing and be detrimental to their...

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How to Create the Perfect Cigar Lounge Experience

  • 05-September-2017
  • published by: David Allen

Any cigar enthusiast has their favorite cigar lounge, whether it's a luxury bar in a foreign city you've visited or the club down the street where you meet friends. Depending on the type of cigar lounge, you'll hear a common set of words used to describe them: "sophisticated," "casual," and "...

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3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Smoke Eater

  • 14-November-2013
  • published by: Pure n Natural Systems Inc.

Breath mints.  Room deodorizers.  Cologne and perfume.  These are just a few things you usually find in a smoker's possession. Why? Because most smokers don't want their breath, clothes or houses to smell like smoke.

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