Essential Tips to Eliminate Cigar Smoke Indoors

Posted by Brenda Roy on Sep 7, 2017

essential-tips-to-eliminate-cigar-smoke-indoors.jpgPart of the experience of enjoying a cigar is the pleasant whiff of smoke that comes along with it. However, when a dense cloud of smoke builds up or a stale odor lingers in a stuffy room, it can ruin the experience. It can cause coughing, cling to people's clothing and be detrimental to their health. If you own a cigar lounge, clean air is part of the experience that will keep your customers coming back.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimize or eliminate cigar smoke indoors, whether you're opening a cigar bar or setting up a smoking area at home. Consider the following remedies for improving indoor air:

Install a ventilation system 

A basic ventilation system could just be exterior windows and a few fans, but you'll probably want something more serious than that if you plan to open a business or dedicate a room in your house to serious smoking. Not only do you want to remove cigar smoke from your indoor area — especially if you're smoking somewhere like a basement — but also move fresh air inside. An HVAC contractor can help ensure your ventilation system can handle your needs, with appropriate exhaust fans and air exchanges.

Purchase a smoke eater

A smoke eater is essential for any business that needs to eliminate cigar smoke, whether you want to create the best possible environment for your patrons or need to comply with local codes or ordinances. If you're going all out on a personal lounge in your own home, you should also consider a residential unit, especially if your smoking areas is located in a basement or another area that has little natural air circulation. There are many different types of smoke eaters, including commercial and home smoke eaters. Other factors that will influence the unit you purchase:

  • Square footage of your room or business
  • Mounting requirements
  • Expected capacity, i.e. number of smokers at any given time

You can purchase smoke eaters that cater to various sizes of room and different capacities. You can also choose models of smoke eater that can be surface-mounted, flush-mounted or wall-mounted, depending on your budget or needs. Media type and electronic smoke eaters are also options to choose from. 

Choose decor wisely

What you furnish your lounge or smoking area with may not seem to have much to do with indoor air quality, but think of how cigar smoke clings to clothing and hair. Skip the shag carpeting in your smoking area and choose flooring, furniture and decor with hard, easy-to-clean surfaces. Think: Pleather or leather seating, plastic, metal and hardwoods that fit the aesthetic you seek. Avoid fabric when possible.

Clean often

Cigar smoke accumulates over time and clings to porous or fibrous surfaces, which can contribute to unpleasant odors, discoloration of objects and bar decor, and an overall stale vibe. Make sure to air out and clean your smoking area regularly, using natural, non-abrasive cleaners. Wipe down all surfaces, including furniture and walls. Launder any fabrics, like pillows or cushion covers.

Cigar Lounge Owner's Guide to Smoke Removal

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