Bar Decor for a Cigar Smoker's Paradise

Posted by Brenda Roy on Oct 6, 2017

bar-decor-for-a-cigar-smokers-paradise.jpgOne of the most fun aspects of opening a business catering to cigar aficionados is picking out the bar decor. You could have a favorite spot you want emulate already in mind or you could be overwhelmed with choices. Hiring an interior designer can help, but it helps to have some design direction in mind before your first consultation. If you're opening a cigar lounge โ€” or even setting up your own hideaway for smoking at home โ€” consider these five ideas for inspiration.

1. Luxe lifestyle

Nothing makes you feel as fancy as a fine cigar, so why not choose bar decor that reflects a high end vibe? Sumptuous seating, glass chandeliers and oversized, edgy artwork help communicate this ambience. Don't skimp on the little things and pay attention to details, including on items with glassware and ashtrays. Evoke the atmosphere of a five-star hotel here.

2. Old school oasis

Think old fashioned gentleman's club: Buttery soft leather chairs you can sink into, real or faux antlers or fur accents and rich oil paintings. Low ambient lighting, gold accents and exotic curios would fit in well with this vibe. Imagine an old-fashioned library, a turn-of-the-century scientist's office or the lounge of a historic hotel. Globes, trunks and old books โ€” you get the picture!

3. Sports lovers sanctuary

If you love sports as much as you love enjoying a cigar, consider building a theme with your bar decor around both. Sports decor can quickly cross the border into cheesy and may not appeal to everyone, so consider avoiding the framed jerseys in favor of vintage accents. Some ideas: old fashioned sports equipment, trophies and salvaged artifacts from stadiums or clubs. Don't forget the flat-screen TVs for broadcasting games.

4. Rock-n-roll refuge

Achieve the ultimate cool aura with your cigar bar decor by letting music be your muse. Imagine what the lounge of your favorite rockstar looks like or get ideas from your favorite underground club. Vinyl records make great decor, as so instruments and framed posters for rock shows.

5. Minimalist modern

Let the cigars take center stage by choosing a minimalist interior design scheme. Use Midcentury Modern or Memphis design as inspiration. Solid colors or geometric patterns with abstract modern paintings would fit in well with this theme. Pick sleek metal, plastic and smooth leather furniture โ€” these materials have the added benefit of absorbing less cigar smoke and being easy to clean.

In general, whichever design scheme you choose, opt for furniture and accessories with easy-to-clean materials. Kick-butt bar decor goes hand and hand with great cigar room ventilation so don't skimp on the smoke eater either. Fresh and clean indoor air โ€” with a super cool vibe โ€” will help ensure the success of your business.

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