Must-Haves for the Ultimate Cigar Room

Posted by David Allen on Sep 19, 2017

must-haves-for-the-ultimate-cigar-room.jpgCreating the ultimate cigar room is equal parts essentials and environment. Whether you're creating a cigar-smoking oasis at home or as a new business, there are a few items you can't go without. All will contribute to the atmosphere — whether it means fresh, pure air or the perfect ambiance.

Smoke Eater

Cigar room ventilation requires some system to keep your air circulating. While a whiff of smoke from a fine cigar is pleasant, the cloud of toxic fumes that gather in an unventilated room only clings to your clothing and makes you cough. In order to eliminate cigar smoke from an indoor area, you will need a smoke eater with the proper features.

Smoke eaters come in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your needs, whether you're outfitting your home with a private cigar room or need to meet regulations for a commercial cigar club business. It may not be the most exciting purchase you make, but a smoke eater will be one of the most important elements of creating a comfortable environment and minimizing the smoke smell.

If you need help deciding which to purchase or how many you need, try our smoke eater recommendation form and we'll have an answer for you within 24 hours.


If you're into cigars, you've probably heard the term humidor, but what does it do? This important element of any cigar room has a clue in its name — a humidor controls the humidity, or moisture level, of its interior. This is essential to keeping your cigars fresh.

If you're putting together a cigar room in your home, a small humidor holding a dozen or so cigars may be all you need. If you have a larger collection, options the size of a mini-fridge exist. If you're opening a commercial cigar lounge — or have a luxury budget — you might install a walk-in humidor to protect your stash.

Comfortable Seating

A space to relax and enjoy a fine cigar requires comfortable seating. Even if you have a smoke eater and a great ventilation system, consider choosing pieces that have hard, easy-to-clean surfaces. Comfortable pleather or leather chairs make a great choice and offer a luxury vibe.

Bar stools made of metal and plastic or other synthetic materials won't absorb smoke and can be easily wiped down. Even a small amount of smoke can cling to fabric and be hard to clean, which in turn causes the environment to develop a stuffy and stale smell over time.

Bar Decor

Besides seating, your other bar decor — from lighting to flooring and artwork — will contribute to the ambiance you create in your cigar room. Model your decor after a lounge you love, pick a theme, or explore a new aesthetic.

If you're opening a business, an interior designer might help you choose items and find wholesale opportunities to furnish your space. Otherwise, Pinterest or the advice of a spouse or friend with good taste can help.

Smoking Accessories

Don't forget your cigar room accouterments, like lighters, cigar cutters, and ashtrays. Skip the Bic and invest in something more substantial, such as a refillable or tabletop model.

Cigar cutters come in various styles, including guillotine, v-cutter, scissors, and punch styles. Cigar dealers and specialty shops should have an array of options to choose from.


Cigar Lounge Owner's Guide to Smoke Removal


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