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Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners: Do they Really Work to Sanitize, Deodorize & Reduce Allergens?

  • 20-November-2013
  • published by: Pure n Natural Systems Inc.

In the age of environmental friendliness, more people are moving to "green" cleaning solutions.  Not only are chemical-free cleaning methods better for planet Earth, they are also less toxic for human beings and don't aggravate allergies.  But do they really work?

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TANCS disinfects with only water and heat

  • 28-October-2012
  • published by: Pure n Natural Systems Inc.

It's Scientifically Proven; TANCS® disinfects with just water and heat!

A TANCS® equipped steam vapor system meets or exceeds the requirements necessary to kill or destroy a variety of pathogenic microbes as tested and certified by Nelson Laboratories, a nationally recognized testing Lab in Salt...

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Dry Steam Vapor is the Fastest, Most Effective, 100% Environmentally Safe Method of Cleaning Available

  • 22-September-2012
  • published by: Pure n Natural Systems Inc.

Clean and Deodorize virtually any surface - Without Using Chemicals!

Steam vapor easily removes dirt and grime from most any surface, emulsifies grease and oils as well as other surface contaminants and produces temperatures hot enough to kill viruses, molds, bacteria and germs. Plus, dust mites,...

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