Create the Perfect Smoking Playlist

Posted by David Allen on Sep 28, 2017

create-the-perfect-smoking-playlist.jpgWhen enjoying a fine cigar, you want to set the perfect mood. That might mean creating a chill vibe by turning down the lights, stoking up the fireplace and cueing up the perfect soundtrack before nestling into a comfortable chair with a glass of scotch, or your favorite relaxing beverage.

Just because cigars are legal in most places doesn't mean that enjoying one doesn't require a smoking playlist! Here is some quick inspiration for creating a perfect soundtrack for smoking ... cigars. These ideas work for your cigar room at home, or as background in your commercial cigar lounge or club.

"Smoke" Signals

If you really want to be cheeky, create a personal playlist on your own or a music sharing service like Spotify of songs with the word "smoke" in the title. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," "Holy Smoke" "Smoke and Mirrors," "Smoke Screen" ... or just plain "Smoke." There are so many songs in a variety of genres that incorporate smoke literally or figuratively.

Ratpack Soundtrack

There's something classic about the experience of enjoying a fine cigar, so why not create a smoking playlist that takes you back in time? Think the days of entertainers rubbing elbows with mafiosos in the hip clubs on the Las Vegas Strip in the 1960s. Make a playlist featuring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., and the like. Or use a service like Pandora to create a radio station based one of these classic crooners and seed it with similar musicians.

Jazz Jukebox

Another option for creating a classy atmosphere is evoking the ambiance of a smoky jazz club of yesteryear. Keep the vibe sophisticated and sexy with John Coltrane, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Thelonious Monk and the like on your smoking soundtrack. This option works great as background music for a high end cigar club as well.

Classic Rock Revival

Let's face it: Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, these songs are great for smoking anything! Put together a collection of your favorite tunes from the era of epic rock music. This smoking playlist also works for poker nights and getting through your honey-do list.

In the end, smoking a fine cigar is your way to relax so choose your favorite music to set the mood for your favorite pastime, whether you're in your home or creating the perfect cigar lounge experience for a new business. There's no wrong way to do a smoking playlist as long as you enjoy the smoke and the songs.

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