7 Signs It's Time for a New Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump

Posted by David Allen on Jan 9, 2018

7-signs-its-time-for-a-commercial-dehumidifier-with-pump.jpgCommercial dehumidifiers come with a dizzying array of features. Options include units that come with a humidistat, remote control, mounting hardware, different electrical specs — you have to decide which features are priorities before making a purchase. One of the most convenient types of models for some types of businesses is a commercial dehumidifier with pump. But is that too high-tech for your needs? Find out when a commercial dehumidifier with pump makes sense.

Sign 1: You have an ongoing moisture problem.

A commercial dehumidifier can require some ongoing maintenance related to water collection. Without a system to automatically drain water, you may need to manually dispose of the collected moisture. That means work for you — or your employees. If you don't regularly empty the reservoir, you may not keep up with your moisture problem. The benefit of a commercial grade dehumidifier with pump is that it can automatically dispose of collected water via a pump and hose mechanism. Some also have a backup reservoir that will fill up in emergency situations.

Sign 2: You find evidence of excess moisture.

Sometimes a moisture issue will be as apparent as puddles appearing on your floor, but other times the signs are less obvious. Do you have condensation on walls, pipes or windows, a persistent musty odor, evidence of corrosion or rot or the like? Maybe you clean up some damage, only to find more appears. These red flags can indicate that you have an ongoing moisture problem that needs a commercial grade dehumidifier. If the nature of these problems is persistent or severe, a commercial dehumidifier with pump can offer a permanent, ongoing solution. Even after you've installed the best commercial dehumidifier for your business, though, make sure any ongoing sources of flooding and moisture or venting issues are repaired.

Sign 3: You have an indoor area that requires climate control.

The nature of some commercial industries is climate control. You may work in food production or manufacture or store some kind product that is sensitive to moisture. You may house paper goods or other water-sensitive products. Electronics are particularly vulnerable to humidity — and expensive to replace. Moisture may even be a natural byproduct of the type of work you do. A commercial dehumidifier with pump is a solution that could offer the type of stable and low-maintenance solution you need.

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Sign 4: Your business must meet certain regulations.

Your business is likely subject to some local ordinances or regulations for health and safety reasons. You may have to comply with regulations that dictate how much moisture you can have in your environment or what the temperature can be in certain indoor areas, making an industrial dehumidifier basically an essential. Find out your needs before making a purchase and talk to a professional indoor environmental solutions expert.

Sign 5: You need a dehumidifier for a spa or pool area.

If you have a spa or pool or run a business that includes one, a commercial dehumidifier with pump will be a necessity. By their nature, these kind of indoor environments will produce and contain a high volume of moisture that needs constant, ongoing removal. Hot tubs, gyms and locker rooms might be associated facilities benefit from a pool dehumidifier with pump.

Sign 6: You are concerned about health.

An excess of indoor moisture can have a variety of ill health effects. Humidity can create a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which — in addition to just looking bad — aggravate and trigger asthma and allergies. Reducing indoor humidity helps prevent damage from mold and moisture, according to the EPA. Bacteria can thrive in moist conditions. In addition, pests like bugs and rodents are attracted to water, which can create further problems and hazards, such as destruction of property or health hazards generated by their droppings. Sickness among employees or time wasted having to repair or replace damaged goods or property could mean a reduction in productivity and revenue.

Sign 7: You want a low-maintenance option.

Because of the type of business you operate, your staffing or your desired level of convenience, you don't want to have to take time to keep draining a dehumidifier. Dumping out a reservoir multiple times a week or even day can be a burden or even impossible. Maybe you even need to set up a unit somewhere that is out-of-the-way or that you don't visit every business day, such as a storage or warehouse facility. Setting up a system that allows your commercial dehumidifier to drain via a pump and hose without intervention can be a time-saver and ensure that you have uninterrupted moisture control.

Dehumidifiers help create a stable, comfortable indoor environment. They also help protect your business assets and property, and consequently your bottom line. You may have additional questions, such as whether you need a dessicant dehumidifier or an Ebac dehumidifer. If you have any of the signs of needing a commercial grade dehumidifier with pump, talk to an indoor environmental solutions expert.

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