The Benefits of a Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump

Posted by David Allen on Nov 9, 2017

seaira-900-dehumidifier.jpgGot moisture and humidity problems at your business? If you have signs of excess moisture such as condensation, musty odors, corrosion or rot, or you have a need to maintain a very consistent climate, dealing with humidity could be a major concern.

A commercial dehumidifier might be what you need, especially if your issues or needs are ongoing. Situations with ongoing moisture needs could be in commercial settings prone to moisture exposure or in which infrastructure or goods become compromised with moisture exposure, such as food storage or production. A commercial dehumidifier can come with a variety of features and price points. Figure out what makes sense for you.

The purpose of the pump feature

Commercial grade dehumidifiers frequently come with built-in pumps. That means you can drain the unit with hosing that also comes with the unit. Unlike consumer grade dehumidifiers, which often collect moisture in a tank that requires you to periodically dump it out, commercial dehumidifiers can be set up to automatically drain using the pump and hose. Some will have a backup reservoir that will fill up during an emergency, but still rely on the pump for drainage.

The benefit of the commercial dehumidifier with pump is that you can set it up to operate without the need for you to manually dispose of the collected water.

Other commercial dehumidifier features

Different models of dehumidifiers are manufactured to handle different levels of moisture removal in different size areas. Some are better for keeping noise down and some units are portable. Others deal better with lower temperature needs.

Other features that may interest you, depending on your business needs, include:

  • Digital humidistat
  • Mounting hardware
  • Energy Star rating
  • Remote control capability

Different models of commercial grade dehumidifiers have different electrical specifications, ranging from about 110 volts to about 220 volts. A commercial grade dehumidifier can remove up to nearly 600 pints of water per day. This may be indicated by a "PPD" figure. Determine how much moisture you need to remove to maintain your ideal indoor environment before making a purchase.

If you Google "dehumidifier commercial," you may also find dessicant dehumidifiers, which use a drying agent to pull moisture from the air. Some models are specifically designed to manage moisture in pool or spa environments, and others work well for handling flood damaged interiors.

Buying a dehumidifier

If you need a commercial dehumidifier with pump or any kind of dehumidifying appliance, talk to an experienced dealer familiar with the products on the market. Commercial dehumidifiers can cost anywhere from about $800 to $10,000. A pro can help you find a unit with the features you need to fit your budget. They can also steer you to models that have a pump and provide guidance on how to set them up.

Commercial Dehumidifier Comparison Guide

For a free consultation on assessing your dehumidifier needs, contact Pure n Natural.


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