Dos and Don'ts for Finding the Best Commercial Dehumidifier

Posted by Brenda Roy on Dec 12, 2017

best-commercial-dehumidifier.jpgWith lots of options for commercial dehumidifiers on the market, it may be difficult to determine which model you need for your business. If you do a little advance planning and bring some relevant information to a company that provides indoor environmental solutions and support, choosing the best commercial dehumidifier doesn't have to be difficult.

Review this quick list of dos and don'ts to get your planning started.

DO determine what kind of space you need to dehumidify.

DON'T forget to calculate square footage.

DO check your business for signs of mold, flooding and other signs of moisture damage.

DON'T consider dehumidifier options that can't handle a pool or spa environment if that's the kind of business you operate.

DO talk to a reputable dehumidifier professional who offers a range of commercial dehumidifier options and support.

DON'T underestimate your budget.

DO figure out what humidity or temperature regulations affect your business.

DON'T forget to figure out whether you need options like mounting hardware, and wheels or casters.

DO determine if you need a commercial dehumidifier with pump.

DON'T plan to buy an industrial dehumidifier without fixing other potential sources of flooding or moisture in your business.

DO educate yourself on industry acronyms, like PPD ("pints per day") and CPM ("cubic feet per minute").

DON'T rely on online commerical air purifi

If you have any other questions about how to go about purchasing a commercial grade dehumidifier, talk to a pro.

Commercial Dehumidifier Comparison Guide

For a free consultation on what is the best commercial dehumidifier for your business, contact Pure n Natural.

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