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How to Control Mold and Fungus in Your Home

  • 26-May-2015
  • published by: Brenda Roy

Did you know that mold can be a problem in your home, and you may not even know? If left unchecked, mold can wreak havoc not only on your home, but on your health as well. By the time mold becomes visible, it means the spores have already been in the air in your home for a long time.

Why Mold and...

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The Tools You Need To Combat Colds & Flu In Your Home

  • 25-November-2014
  • published by: Pure n Natural Systems Inc.

As soon as cold weather sets in, it happens. Stuffy heads, fevers, coughing … ugh! Fall and winter are officially cold and flu season because it is this time of year when the vast majority of people end up sick.

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