5 Reasons You’ll Love a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser at Home

Posted by Brenda Roy on Sep 3, 2019

5-reasons-youll-love-a-hot-and-cold-water-dispenser-at-homeIf you have ever used a water dispenser with multiple temperature controls at work, you know how convenient they are in the office break room. But what about at home, where you have free use of a full kitchen? Surely a hot and cold water dispenser for home is redundant. Or is it? 

Just like at work, a hot and cold water dispenser can make your life easier at home. Not convinced? Here are five ways you and your family can benefit from a hot and cold water dispenser for the home.

You’ll Save Space

Today’s water dispensers are designed to have as small a footprint as possible, which is great for crowded offices, but what about at home? You might wonder how much space you’re saving if you have to give up counter space for your dispenser. But think about the space you’ll save on the things that hot and cold water dispenser is replacing. 

You will no longer need to store a large pitcher of water in the fridge for cold water or keep a kettle out to heat your water. Depending on your coffee preferences, you might even put away the coffee maker too! You’ll have both cold and hot water in one confined space smaller than the area required for all of your other water receptacles. 

You’ll Save Time

The best thing about having a hot and cold water dispenser for home use is that your water, of either temperature, is instantaneous. No more waiting for the tap to get cold, for that pitcher to chill, or for water to boil. Whether you want an icy drink or a cup of tea, you’ll have the right temperature of water immediately. For busy families like yours, every second counts!

Your Family Can Get Water Themselves

Speaking of saving time, how convenient would it be if the younger members of your family could get the hot water for their cup of noodles or a cool glass of water themselves? With a hot and cold water dispenser, water of every temperature is easily accessible with the tap of a button. 

Family members who struggle to lift a heavy pitcher need only a finger to press for water. Your family won’t be opening and closing the refrigerator all day long looking for drinks, and you’ll never find the pitcher empty because the last person didn’t bother to refill it! Every member of your household will have easy access for all of their water needs.

Safety Features Reduce the Dangers of Hot Water

If you have small children at home, you may be concerned about safety. After all, easy access to hot water could be dangerous! Many hot and cold water dispensers for home have a safety feature for this very reason. Some dispensers allow you to turn the hot water off. Others require a two-step action to receive hot water, ensuring that no one gets splashed with hot water on accident. 

Enjoy Filtered Water All the Time

Whether you’re on city water or a well, you may question the quality of your water at times. Get tasty, pure water all the time with a hot and cold water dispenser. Water dispensers use many different types of filtration to remove impurities and odors from your water, so you have clean-tasting water for both your cold and hot drinks every time!

Water dispensers aren’t just for office use anymore. Today hot and cold water dispensers for home are gaining traction with busy families like yours. With so many benefits, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without a hot and cold water dispenser at home before! 

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