Exploring Bottleless Water Dispensers: Aquabar II Deluxe POU Product Review

Posted by David Allen on May 28, 2019

bd88632c97a374b9ab861ade132ce163_600xThere’s a new look to bottleless water dispensers!

Thanks to advances in technology and design, bottleless dispensers now mean budget-friendly, space-saving, and with the Aquabar II Deluxe POU, several filtration options for great tasting and healthy water.

Bottleless water dispensers eliminate the use of plastic, along with the high cost and wasted space of storing and refrigerating individual bottles of water.

"Each day in the US more than 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away. Most end up in landfills or incinerators, and millions litter America's streets, parks and waterways," according to the Container Recycling Institute.

In addition to non-biodegradable plastic taking over our cities, the cost of bottled water is 1,000 times more than tap water, according to a study by the Switzerland-based World Wildlife Fund International.

Save money, reduce plastic use, and get refreshing, clean water at the push of a button without breaking the bank or frequent trips to the store.

Make the switch with the AquaBar II Deluxe bottleless water cooler

Bottleless water cooler installation, use and maintenance should be a breeze. We took a closer look at the AquaBar II Deluxe to give you the quick download.

Easy Installation with Direct-Line Install

The AquaBar II Deluxe connects directly into your water line so you have a continuous flow of fresh, clean, and great-tasting water at the press of a button.

No more hauling heavy cases of water to the break room, and no more frustration over all the space in your fridge being taken up by those water bottles with little room for anything else.

Water When You Want It

It takes a little while to pull in and filter water so some bottleless water coolers store it in a reservoir. If you have a lot of water consumption, the tank can run out of cold water from time to time. With the AquaBar II Deluxe's huge four-gallon cold-water storage tank, you'll have plenty of readily available water.

Three water temperatures are available on demand including:

  • hot (with the Hot Booster function to prevent accidental burns and give you hot water when you want it)
  • room temperature
  • cold (four-gallon cold-water storage tank)

The Hot Booster function delivers a shot of hot water ideal for a quick cup of tea or other hot drinks, or soup. The hot water safety faucet prevents accidental burns by requiring a two-step action for dispensing.

The advanced electronic control system provides adjustable hot/cold water temperatures; plus, you can turn the hot water completely off to save energy.

Advanced Filtration Options

While some bottleless water coolers have minimal filtration, the AquaBar II Deluxe offers premium options that:

  • Dramatically reduce chlorine taste & odor
  • High-performance blocking improves dirt-holding capacity
  • Prevents carbon fines from being released into the water stream
  • Reduces lead & cysts

Galaxi Filter and Sediment Filter Configuration (Two-Stage) - A two-stage filtration option that uses a Spun bonded polypropylene ‘green’ sediment filter and a unique filter design that performs as a sediment filter and a carbon block in a single cartridge.

Galaxi Filter, Reverse Osmosis and Post Carbon Filter Configuration (Three-Stage) - If you opt for a reverse-osmosis, three-stage filtration setup, you'll have the cleanest and purest drinking water. This process eliminates sediment, impurities, solids, viruses and bacteria.

Fresh, clean water with no fuss

If you want one of the most popular and best-performing bottleless water coolers on the market today, check out the AquaBar II Deluxe. Fresh, clean water is essential to life—everyone needs access to healthy water for drinking at home and at work.

While standard coffee mugs and short cups are easy to use with free-standing water coolers, popular sports bottles and carafes have long been challenging to fill with ordinary models. The AquaBar II Deluxe offers a large 8.5" dispensing area with ample room to refill empty water bottles, sports bottles, pitchers and other containers.

Frankly, the bottleless water dispenser makes the switch from costly, environmentally-unfriendly, and bulky plastic bottles a breeze.

There are numerous bottleless water dispenser options available. All varying in size, dispensing area, temperature options, tank size, and filtration options. Start with a list of your water use and needs to best find the cooler that will bring you cost-effective, clean water everyday.New call-to-action

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