How Office Water Coolers Can Save You Time

Posted by Brenda Roy on Jun 25, 2019

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Readily available drinking water is a requirement in today's workplace. You’re expected to have it on hand for both visitors and employees so anyone can conveniently quench their thirst when the need arises.

However, this basic necessity shouldn’t cost you a lot of time. You have more important things to do in your work day than worry about the team's hydration. You need an easy solution for convenient drinking water that doesn’t require much effort on your part and allows drinkers to quickly quench their thirst so they can take on their task list, refreshed.

To save everyone time, office water coolers are your best option. Modern models offer a number of features that make fresh-tasting drinking water a convenient and time-saving part of any workplace.

Location, Location, Location

When you have a full schedule for the day, you may not have much time to run to the break room for a drink. Likewise, visitors who have important business in your office may feel too pressed for time to go searching for a water source.

An easy solution is strategically placed water coolers. You can choose from freestanding models or countertop models to fit any area of your office where parched employees might enjoy a quick sip of water. No more long trips to the kitchen! You can even put one in the break room so there isn’t a line to use the sink during lunch breaks.  

Low Maintenance

Many offices shy away from water coolers because they’re only familiar with the kind with huge water jugs that must be filled and maintained. Either some unlucky officemate would be in charge of changing out the jugs or hiring a water delivery service and letting in the delivery person. Today bottleless water coolers are the way to go. These modern models connect right to the building’s water line so no one has to worry about replacing water jugs.

Bottleless water coolers also rarely need repairs, and the ones with water filtration systems only need the filters changed every 6-12 months. Office water coolers are easily the most hands-off option for crisp, clean water everyone can enjoy.

Constant Water Supply

Another perk of bottleless office water coolers is you’ll never run out of filtered water! Not everyone is a fan of tap water, especially in large or old buildings where the plumbing isn’t the best.

While many offices will purchase cases of water bottles for purified water lovers, all too frequently they run out and someone has to take time out of their work day to go purchase or order more. With an office water cooler that connects straight to the building water supply and filters out contaminants, you’ll never get that “we’re out of water” memo again!

Hot or Cold Water on Demand

Not much time for lunch? You might be surprised to hear that water coolers today do more than cool water—they heat it too! Many water coolers come with different temperature settings so you can have cold or hot water on demand.

This makes them perfect for both making an instant lunch and cooling down with a refreshing drink. No more waiting for the tap to get cold or waiting in line to use the microwave!

Office Water Coolers: Your Work Day Time Saver

Water is a necessity, but it should be the last thing you need to worry about during your busy work day.

Simplify office life and take back that time in your day by purchasing office water coolers for your workplace. They are the most convenient, time-saving option for modern offices who want to offer guests and employees refreshing, filtered water without giving it another thought.

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