Filtered Water Coolers: Clean Water You Can Count On

Posted by Brenda Roy on Jun 4, 2019

bottleless-water-coolers-clean-filtered-water-you-can-count-on-1Fresh, clean water when and where you want it can be available at the touch of a button. Drinking water is an essential for life, good health, and an enjoyable work and home environment.

If you're tired of lugging big heavy jugs of water to your old-fashioned water cooler or running to the grocery store for your week’s supply of bottled water, you're not alone. For that matter, you might question the the source of the bottled water, which isn't always as clean as advertised.

Unfortunately, simply drinking tap water isn’t always a safe alternative. It can expose you to contaminants like perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), lead, bacteria, viruses and more.

Ensure you are drinking clean, healthy, and safe water by purifying the water as it comes from your tap with a bottleless water cooler.

Reap the Benefits of Bottleless Water Coolers

When you hear the words "water cooler," do you still picture the clunky dispensers and heavy jugs that composed the coolers of the past? Today's water coolers are sleek in design with a variety of color and design options.

Capacity and water temperature selections available in many different models also allow you to find the water cooler that will fit your specific needs, whether it’s for at-home use or an office space.

Most importantly, bottleless water coolers offer filtration options that eliminate impurities and chemicals keeping your water crisp, fresh and clean. It’s water you can rely on!

Bottleless water cooler benefits include:

  • On demand water.
  • Saved space from replacing your bottles and jugs.
  • Reducing the use of plastic that ends up in landfills.
  • Cost savings as compared to coolers with jugs or bottled water.

Bottled vs. Bottleless Water Coolers

Each day millions of plastic water bottles are thrown away, winding up in the landfill (where they'll sit for decades to come) or as litter in waterways, parks, and streets. As convenient as individual water bottles are, more and more people are switching to reusable bottles. It’s more environmentally friendly and you have control over the water that goes into your bottle. And you certainly can't argue with the cost savings!

According to a study by the Switzerland-based World Wildlife Fund International, bottled water costs 1,000 times more than tap water. Additionally, the source for bottled water isn’t always confirmed. Water advertised as fresh can sometimes turn out to be no cleaner than tap.

Take control of where your water comes from and what’s in it. No one wants to drink water with contaminants like:

  • Chlorine
  • Lead, mercury, chromium-6 and other harmful elements
  • Arsenic, fluorides and sulfides
  • Rust or other kinds of pipe scale
  • E-Coli staphylococcus and other bacteria
  • Pesticides and other hazardous chemicals
  • Miscellaneous particles and sediment
  • Foul tastes that are earthy, fishy or otherwise unpleasant
  • Bad odors

Filtration options to fit your needs

The flexibility of bottleless water coolers gives you room to fit the filtration option that works best for you. You can find the model that matches your particular water needs and budget.

  • Sediment and carbon - removes particles, rust and pipe scale using a sediment filter and then removes chlorine, as well as other unpleasant tastes and odors with a carbon filter.
  • Reverse Osmosis - removes the totally dissolved solids (TDS) that contaminate drinking water. It removes the smallest of materials, from 1 micron down to 1 Angstrom.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light - using a UV lamp, this filtration process irradiates impurities.
  • Ultra-filtration - using an ultra-filtration membrane removes bacteria and viruses, heavy metals and other particles.
  • No filtration - Water coolers with no filtration are ideal for homes or businesses that have point-of-entry filtration for their water supply.

Finding the right cooler for you

Before you start looking at different bottleless water cooler options, consider these four aspects.

  • Location - Where will your bottleless water cooler be installed?
  • Capacity - How many people will be using it?
  • Budget - What is your budget for a water solution?
  • Filtration - What kind of impurities are you wanting to filter out?

You can’t go wrong when you can rest assured that the water you are drinking is fresh and free from contaminants. Make the switch from environmentally-unfriendly and bulky plastic bottles to easy, safe and cost-effective with bottleless water cooler.New call-to-action

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