Which Bottleless Water Filtration Cooler Is the Best Fit for You?

Posted by Brenda Roy on May 7, 2019

which-bottleless-water-filtration-cooler-is-the-best-fit-for-youToday, it’s expected that you’ll provide a water filtration and cooling system for your team at work. From cutting down on the amount of harmful single use plastic to saving both space and money, having a water filtration cooler in your office just makes sense.

Using a water filtration cooler is not only cost effective for you and better for the environment than providing bottled water, but it also eliminates exposure to the harmful chemicals in tap water and in plastic water bottles.

There are a lot of things to consider when selecting a water filtration cooler. Having a bottleless water filtration cooler is a great solution to eliminate storing large water bottles for a water cooler and having to pay to constantly have these containers refilled and replaced, but there are quite a few decisions you have to make about choosing which water filtration cooler will provide you and your team with the most convenience.

One factor you must consider is what type of filtration system is right for your water filtration cooler. There are several available ways to filter impurities out of your water source, and learning a little bit about how each one works is the first step to selecting the perfect water filtration system for you.

Which Type of Water Filtration System is Right for You?

There are so many varieties of water filtration coolers that it may be hard to know exactly which one is right for your business, and which one is the best match for your water source. Knowing how each kind of water filtration cooler works, as well as the methods behind them, is a great start to figuring out which one will provide your team with the most refreshing water breaks gathered around the water cooler.

  • Sediment and carbon: This kind of filtration method has two steps. In the first, particles like rust and pipe scale are filtered out of the water using a sediment filter. Then, a carbon filter removes chlorine and other stale, musty, earthy tastes and odors from the water, leaving you with nothing but the cool, refreshing sensation of chilled, clean, clear water.

    Sediment and carbon water filtration coolers are a great solution when your water source comes from municipal water and carries lots of impurities.

  • Reverse osmosis: Reverse osmotic filters rely on a natural process, and are great for removing fluoride, dissolved salts, sodium, bacteria, and even iron lead and pharmaceuticals. They use extreme pressure to push water through a semipermeable membrane, catching around 95% of the impurities in water in the process.

  • Ultraviolet light: There is a shocking amount of harmful bacteria found in some water sources. Ultraviolet (UV) light water filtration coolers are one of the most effective ways to kill bacteria and microbes within your water, which makes it totally safe for drinking. Impurities are irradiated as water flows around a UV lamp.

    UV light water filtration coolers are a great option for well water, rural areas, and other municipal water sources where you are unsure of the chlorination levels. With the protozoa, bacteria, and other microbes eradicated from your water, UV light water filtration coolers leave your water not only chilled, but safe to drink as well.

  • Ultra-filtration: Ultra-filtration water cooling systems are similar to reverse osmosis filters. An ultra-filtration membrane removes bacteria and viruses, and also metal particles and other sediments found in the water. While reverse osmosis water filtration coolers will occasionally need to be changed, ultra-filtration membranes in a water cooling systems may need to be replaced as often as several times per year.

  • No filtration: You may already have a great water source flowing through the taps already! In some areas, the water is already pure, delicious, and safe to drink. If this is the case, all you need is a water cooling system, so that your water is not only safe to drink, but it’s cooled as well, for maximum refreshment.

Choosing the Right Bottleless Water Cooler

Now that you know a bit more about each water filtration cooling system, it can be much easier to compare between models and select the right bottleless water dispenser to best purify your water and fit the needs of your business.

Providing fresh, cool, clean drinking water at your workplace (or even in your home!) is convenient, space-saving, and cost-effective. With fresh water and fresh ideas, there’s no stopping your company from taking your business to the next level!New call-to-action

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