5 Reasons Why You Need a Bottleless Office Water Dispenser

Posted by Brenda Roy on Apr 19, 2019

5-reasons-why-you-need-a-bottleless-office-water-dispenserToday, you can't really go without a water dispenser in the workplace. It's not just where people gather to talk about the latest binge-worthy show on Netflix—your workers, clients, guests or customers expect to have access to clean, refreshing water all day long. Sure, keeping a supply of bottled water or using the tap is always an option, but an office water dispenser is so much more convenient.

Modern office water dispensers come in more varieties than ever before to suit your workplace’s specific needs. Long gone are the days of space-hogging, unwieldy water jugs. Modern water dispensers now come in compact, environmentally-friendly bottleless models that save you tons of time and hassle while providing your officemates and visitors easy access to refreshing cool water all day long.

Not sure if you should ditch the old jug water cooler or even have an office water dispenser at all? Consider the following benefits of updating your office water dispenser and going bottleless before you make a decision.

1) Cutting your costs

Providing drinking water to your office should not cost an arm and a leg. Over time, an office water dispenser costs less than constantly buying cases of bottled water, and if you opt for a bottleless water dispenser, you can save even more. Water jugs and expensive delivery services add up quick. Going bottleless decreases the costs of a water dispenser even more.

After you pay the cost of the unit and installation, your office water dispenser will simply draw water from your water line and dispense fresh water. No service fees, no supply costs. It quickly pays for itself. You may need to occasionally replace a filter, but a bottleless dispenser shouldn't require ongoing costs like those of replacement jugs or bottled water.

As an added benefit, many bottleless water dispensers are now designed to meet standards of energy efficiency as set by the EPA. Models that have earned the Energy Star label lower your utility bills by conserving energy while running for extra cost savings.

2) Saving precious space

Space shortages are a common issue in many workplaces. For work environments where space is a commodity, an office water dispenser—especially a bottleless water dispenser—is a great space-saving solution. A bottleless water dispenser doesn't require space for storing awkward replacement jugs or a stock of heavy water bottles. You also don’t have to worry about where to keep used jugs and bottles waiting to be recycled. The only space a bottleless dispenser requires is a place to set the unit.

An added benefit to bottleless dispensers is they come in countertop models, which are even more space-saving if square footage is really at a premium in your office. If you have the space though, free-standing floor models that resemble the classic models with jugs are also an option. Either way, you won't be tripping over water jugs and bottles on your way for a refreshing drink.

3) Going greener

Plastic garbage is a serious threat to the environment. More than 480 billion plastic water bottles were purchased in 2016, and fewer than half of those were collected for recycling, according to The Guardian. Even fewer than that were actually turned into new bottles. This number is expected to grow, and create an even greater threat to oceans, coastlines and other parts of the earth in the coming years.

For businesses looking to go green and responsibly minimize their impact on the natural world, bottleless office water dispensers offer an excellent sustainable alternative to disposable water bottles and jugs.

Switching to a bottleless office water dispenser reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and cuts the use of fossil fuels during the process of returning or replacing jugs and recycling bottles. Energy-efficient models also use less energy, which contributes to a better environment.

4) Wowing your workers

Okay, your colleagues and visitors may not not be as impressed by a water dispenser as they would be if you installed a foosball table or started offering free massages, but an office water dispenser should be a basic amenity at any modern workplace. You might look out of touch if you don’t provide one.

Given how commonplace nice water dispensers have become, it’s easy to find one that fits your business’s needs, budget, and style. Bottleless water dispensers today come in an assortment of colors and finishes to match any workplace decor. Depending on how fancy you want to get, these units cost between about $350 to $1,500. Different models typically have either two or three temperatures and offer different levels and types of water filtration.

The features don’t end at water temperatures though. Not only can a bottleless dispenser offer a refreshing glass of water, but also a means for brewing coffee or tea or even heating up instant food. Modern water dispensers have become a must-have for any lunch or break room.

Best of all, with a bottleless water dispenser, no one will have to lug around or replace heavy, awkward jugs of water. Bottleless water dispensers are nothing but convenient for thirsty people and impressively modern for employees and visitors who notice the finer details.

5) Saving time

For busy professionals, the last thing you need to add to your hectic day is water cooler maintenance or troubleshooting. Water dispensers that use jugs require an employee to change out the jug or at least someone to answer the door for the service person doing it. And what happens when the unit springs a leak? Even water bottles require someone spending the time to take inventory of and order or buy new water bottles.

With a bottleless office water dispenser, no one has to take time out of their busy schedule to refill a water jug or order more supplies. The only part that needs changed periodically on a bottleless dispenser is the filter, with most filters lasting at least six months and even as long as a year.

These models are also well-designed to give you few issues and come with shut-off controls in the rare event of flooding. If you do have issues, the plumbing company who installed the unit should have the solutions.

Give Your Office the Benefits of Bottleless Water

The office water dispenser is a staple of modern workplace amenities, but you shouldn’t have to invest lots of time or money into providing one. Today, employers have many options from which to choose the perfect bottleless dispenser to save themselves and their employees a lot of headache.

Bottleless office water dispensers save companies time, money, and space, not to mention the environment. They are simply a better way for your business to provide a necessity to all of its valued clients and employees in the most convenient way possible. The choice between a bottleless water dispenser and the old options is easy when you consider all the benefits of going bottleless. Once you do, you’ll never look back.

Clean, fresh water is expected in the office. You just have to decide how to deliver it. For a free consultation on assessing your water dispenser needs, contact Pure n Natural today.New call-to-action

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