3 Easy Ways to Up the Air Quality in Office Spaces

Posted by David Allen on Feb 2, 2018

3-ways-to-up-the-air-quality-in-office-space.jpgFrom the smell of your coworker heating up fish and broccoli in the microwave to more serious pollutants, a lot of things can compromise the air quality in office spaces. Poor indoor air can have serious consequences from aggravating respiratory ailments to encouraging mold growth to damaging your property. Not to mention sometimes it just smells bad!

Fortunately there are ways to ensure you have clean indoor air at work. If you've ever asked yourself "what can we do to improve air quality indoors" in an office setting, try these three approaches to improvement.

1) The most basic way to improve the air quality in office environments is to remove the source of poor air. Tell your coworker there's no fish allowed in the break room! Just kidding (sort of). Seriously, though, the easiest way to improve indoor air quality is to remove the source of moisture, odor, dust or allergen. If you have a problem with excess moisture that's causing mold growth and a musty smell, fix it.

The cause of your air quality problem might be obvious — yeah, we see you with your leftover tilapia, Bob — or it might be part of the work you do. Removing the source of pet dander and odors is near impossible if you run a kennel or a pet grooming business. Nail dust is an inevitable part of a salon environment. Wood shavings or chemicals may be the output of a manufacturing operation. If so, you may need to take your approach to improving the air quality to a higher level.

2) Improving air quality can also be a function of cleanliness and circulation. To up the air quality of office spaces, it is essential to make sure the indoor environment is clean. That includes furniture, curtains and upholstery, as well as floors and surfaces. Sometimes clean air is just a scouring away — hire a cleaning company for a deep clean if your normal routine isn't enough. Another area to address is how well your HVAC system is working. Are your air vents open and accessible? Have you changed the filters in your HVAC system? Is the humidity level appropriate? If not, consider a commercial dehumidifier or a humidifier.

3) Finally, another option to improve the air quality in office spaces is to install an office air purifier. Air purifiers can address odors, allergens, dust, bacteria and other airborne particles at once. They are especially beneficial to those with respiratory ailments, but also benefit everyone.

Different models of commercial grade air purifier have different features and target specific types of indoor air problems so do your research before you buy. If smoke or smoke smell is a particular problem in your indoor environment, smoke eaters may help address your air quality issues.

Are you still asking yourself: What can we do to improve indoor air quality? Talk to an indoor environmental solutions professional for more advice on how to clear the air. They can tell you what commercial air purifier reviews won't tell you and more about how to handle indoor air issues.

For a free consultation on assessing your home or office air purifier needs, contact Pure n Natural.

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