4 Awesome Uses for an Office Air Purifier

Posted by Brenda Roy on Nov 15, 2017

uses-for-office-air-purifier.jpgDo you really need an office air purifier? Do you have an issue with air quality, odors, allergens, airborne dust, bacteria, smoke and microorganisms? If the answer is yes to any of these, you probably need some kind of environmental system to address your indoor air quality concerns. Find out more about what issues a commercial air purifier can address.

1) Get Odors Out

Some office environment produce odors by nature of the type of work done there. Odor issues that can be addressed with an office air purifier include:

  • Cooking smells
  • Smoke
  • Musty air
  • Pet odors

If you have distasteful smells in any area of your work environment, a commercial air purifier can clear the air.

Who can benefit: Any office with a kitchen, basement or crawlspace; offices that have storage facilities or warehouses that experience flooding or excess moisture; businesses where animals or smokers are present.

2) Eliminate allergens

If you, your employees or visitors have allergies or sensitivity to pet dander, mold or mildew and other airborne irritants, trying to work and be productive can be a miserable experience.

Who can benefit: Hospitals, health and wellness centers, massage clinics, any office or workplace that needs to be allergen-free.

3) Deter dust and airborne particles

Dust and and airborne particulate is an inevitable part of any industry. Dust can not only endanger the health of those who encounter it by cause respiratory irritation and worse, but it can also damage property.

Who can benefit: Manufacturers, renovators, carpenters and other trades businesses, nail salons.

4) Battle bacteria

An office air purifier can also remove microorganisms like bacteria, dust mites, fungi, spores and viruses. If any of these is a byproduct of your business or the commercial space you occupy or you have a particular need to ensure a sterile environment, an office air purifier can help.

Who can benefit: Food storage and manufacturing, health and wellness-related businesses

So, which commercial air purifier should you choose? A variety of models of commercial air cleaner with different features are available. Talk to a reputable dealer about the needs of your specific business and environment.

For a free consultation on assessing your office air purifier needs, contact Pure n Natural.


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