Unexpected Uses for a Commercial Air Cleaner

Posted by Brenda Roy on Dec 6, 2017

unexpected-uses-for-a-commercial-air-cleaner.jpgA commercial air cleaner makes sense for any business or setting in which having a clean indoor environment is a priority. But there are some applications for air purifiers that may come as a surprise. Find out which businesses benefit from having a commercial air purifier.

Nail salons and manicure stations

Getting a manicure kicks up a surprising amount of debris! Filing nails and applying acrylic nails creates dust that can be unpleasant and hazardous to the health of workers and customers of salons. Some commercial air purifiers — such as the Salon-Air Tabletop Air Cleaner — are designed specifically for use in nail salons and manicure stations.

Home restoration and construction businesses

For sites that have been affected by flooding or fire, a specialized commercial air purifier can help keep mold and other toxins at bay. Remediation, restoration and construction work can generate a lot of airborne debris that is hazardous to breathe and can have serious health consequences. A commercial air purifier designed specifically for remediation — such as the CleanShield 550 HEPA Air Scrubber — can provide protection.

Health and wellness facilities

Obviously in any kind of business or institution where health is the focus and priority, you want the cleanest indoor environment. If your customers or associates contend with allergies and asthma, that makes clear, toxin-free air even more important. Some models of air cleaner are manufactured specifically for those with allergies or other health needs, such as the IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier.

Funeral homes and mortuaries

Formaldehyde is part of the funeral industry — and it comes with some significant health risks. A commercial air purifier can reduce the risk of respiratory irritation and long-term health problems associated with breathing in formaldehyde fumes.

A commercial air cleaner can be an asset to many businesses. There are many models on the market. Talk to an environmental systems professional about your specific needs before making a purchase.

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