Why You Need a Grow Tent Humidifier

Posted by Brenda Roy on Jul 16, 2019

why-you-need-a-grow-tent-humidifierWith more and more states throughout the US legalizing marijuana, the market for cannabis products is exploding. Consequently, many individuals are seeking their fortunes in the fast-growing marijuana industry as investors, dispensers, and growers. It’s the growers, however, who have the tough job of keeping up with the demand for consistently high-quality marijuana that consumers want.

Growing takes some real knowledge and finesse in order to achieve the best final product and not lose plants and profits in the process. An experienced marijuana grower knows that two things matter the most when growing their plants: humidity and temperature

The better the growing conditions, the better the plants and ultimately the end product. That’s why, if you hope to maximize your profits from marijuana growing, you have to have the best tools of the trade.

For most growers, that means having a top-of-the-line grow tent humidifier.


What is a grow tent humidifier?

Like other humidifiers used for residential or commercial purposes, a grow tent humidifier is used to create more moisture in a space. Grow tent humidifiers are designed to fit in your growing space and create ideal growing conditions for your marijuana plants

Most plants require a certain amount of moisture and heat in their environment to grow healthy. Grow tent humidifiers come with a variety of features to help you control the exact level of moisture to meet your plants’ needs while keeping temperatures stable.


How will a grow tent humidifier help my plants?

Marijuana plants benefit from constant moisture and warm temperatures. However, how much moisture and heat they need changes as they grow. That’s why a grow tent humidifier is so vital. A humidifier allows you to alter the humidity and temperature in your grow tent as your plants mature so they never get stressed, and you get consistently good cannabis every time.

For instance, seedlings need the highest level of humidity because their leaves must take in moisture while their immature root systems are still developing. However, these baby plants can’t withstand too high of temperatures yet. A high-quality grow tent humidifier can be set to release cool mist that waters the seedlings while keeping the tent temperature moderate. 

As your plants grow, however, you should lower the humidity level by 5% each week and alter the tent’s temperatures depending on the stages of growth your plants are experiencing. Marijuana plants like temperatures up to 82℉ while growing, but need the heat dialed back a bit when they begin to flower.

Humidity also needs to be lowered for the flowers so they do not decay and create mold on your plants. A good humidifier has the right controls to make these adjustments easy. 


Picking the best grow tent humidifier

There are many different types of grow tent humidifiers on the market. When looking for the best humidifier for your setup, there are a few things to consider.

First, look for a humidifier that emits enough moisture for the size of your tent or grow room. You don’t want one that is too small to reach all of your plants or one that is too big and suffocates them. 

Secondly, consider what type of features you want. At a minimum, you need a built-in hygrometer, but also consider your options for automation, noise levels, filtration types, and temperature controls. With the right features and controls, grow tent humidifiers make growing high-quality marijuana easier and more consistent. If you’re looking to successfully break into the marijuana market, a reliable grow tent humidifier is a must.

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