9 Reasons You Probably Need a Countertop Water Dispenser

Posted by Brenda Roy on Aug 22, 2018

9-reasons-you-probably-need-a-countertop-water-dispenser-1A countertop water dispenser provides fresh, filtered water to drink. It is exactly what its name implies: A machine that cools your drinking water. But did you know it also comes with other less obvious conveniences — that may be just as important to your workplace?

In addition to staying hydrated, you and your employees or coworkers can enjoy instant drinks and food, particularly if you invest in an office water cooler with hot water setting. That means less time spent on lunch breaks and runs to the coffee shop, which equals more productivity!

A happier, more productive workforce means a better bottom line. Bonus: A countertop bottleless water cooler takes up less space in your break room. Find out five drinks and foods and other tasks made easy with a countertop water cooler.

1. Space saving

For businesses without a lot of space or want a more minimalist look, the countertop water dispenser can be easily installed in tight quarters. There are no unwieldy—and expensive—replacement jugs to store either! All around, it's a compact and aesthetically-pleasing option.

2. Environmentally friendly

It's well known that bottled water creates a lot of waste—and is often no healthier than tap water, according to the World Wildlife Fund International. So, it's not better for you, or the planet. A countertop water dispenser can filter out harmful substances and be conveniently enjoyed from a reusable cup or reusable water bottle. Different models of bottleless water coolers have different types of filtration to address the issues of different municipal water sources.

3. Hot chocolate... and more

Here's the fun part! A countertop water dispenser with a hot water setting opens the door to all kinds of instant hot beverages at work: tea, hot chocolate, cider and so on. Convenience and comfort go far during a long work day.

4. Sports drinks and other flavored refreshments

Instant iced tea, lemonade, sports drinks ... whatever your favorite way of hydrating during the day: just add water!

5. Hot breakfast

Whether you eat a classic packet of instant oats or make your own homemade version, a countertop water dispenser can help you start your day. A good breakfast will help keep you more productive to boot!

6. Soup and instant meals

From the common cup of noodles to fancy, organic bowls of instant soup or chili, adding hot water makes an easy, warming snack or a quick, convenient lunch. Grocery stories abound with meals that just need water. If you're all about the meal prep, again, you can make your own.

7. Dishes or other cleaning tasks

Access to warm water makes via a countertop water dispenser makes dislodging stubborn dirt and grime all the more easy.

8. Plant food

Someone's got to water the plants! A convenient countertop water cooler helps you keep the greenery growing and your workplace bright and cheery.

A tabletop water dispenser can start at as little as $350. They come with a variety of features, including temperature settings, so make sure the model you select has a hot water function if making instant meals and beverages is a priority. Not all coolers are space-saving tabletop versions either. Talk to an experienced water cooler professional to find out what kind of unit makes sense for your space.

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