5 Reasons to Buy a Small Portable Air Conditioner

Posted by Brenda Roy on Jul 11, 2018

5-reasons-to-buy-a-small-portable-air-conditionerWhen it’s hot outside, you probably rely on having a cool refuge indoors. To maximize comfort, you’ll need air conditioning. Installing central air conditioning can be an effective solution — but also an expensive and disruptive project. Fortunately, there’s an alternative to central air and window units. A small portable air conditioner can be an effective option when you need a simple cooling solution that keeps costs down and don’t want or can’t install a window unit.

Some of the reasons why a small portable air conditioner may best suit your needs include:

  • Cost
  • Environmental concerns
  • Convenience
  • Portability
  • Humidity control

Learn more about some of the potential benefits of opting for a small portable air conditioner.

Lower costs

Air conditioning can be expensive — but it doesn’t have to be! Portable air conditioners offer an efficient way to cool your home or commercial space because they allow you to spot cool and target an area. You have control over where you put them. Cooling rooms that don’t get used waste energy and therefore, money. A portable air conditioner is also very affordable up front for most homeowners and business owners alike. Not only that, but you could save energy by using them, which will result in lowered energy bills.

Green approach

Simply put, portable spot coolers are eco-friendly. Standard air conditioning units can be energy vampires. By putting the air conditioning unit where you need it most, you can use less energy and save money. If you’re concerned about how eco-friendly your air conditioning unit is, look for units that are listed as having an Energy Star rating. These products are designed to use less energy and save money.

Ease of Installation and Portability

Another benefit to choosing a small portable air conditioner is that the units are easy to install and use. Other air conditioning systems, such as central air, typically require that a pro install them. In fact, getting central air put into your home or business can be very disruptive. Most portable AC units either come already installed or just need a few minor tweaks, such as installing wheels or handles after you take them out of the box.


When it comes to maintaining the quality of air inside your home or business, a few factors come into play. You not only need to maintain a comfortable temperature, but you should keep humidity at the optimal range, or between forty and sixty per cent. There are several portable air conditioning units on the market that also serve as heaters and dehumidifiers. Many units also have sensors, which will enable you to set it at an ideal temperature and humidity level.

You can also have greater control over which parts of your home are cooled, which adds to their versatility. With a portable air conditioner, you can move the unit to whichever room needs cooling.Shop Portable Air Conditioners

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