Portable Spot Coolers for Outdoor Summer Business

Posted by Pure n Natural Systems Inc. on Jun 19, 2018

Summer iStock-564587190means outdoor activities, dining and other fun — but the season comes with some unpleasant aspects that can impact your home or business. Bugs, humidity, sweltering heat might send you or your clients fleeing for indoor comfort without a portable spot cooler, and that means potentially losing money. 

Businesses that need portable spot coolers 

Portable air conditioners are a type of mobile spot coolers that provide excellent solutions for outdoor dining or entertainment venues. These mobile spot coolers can be positioned almost anywhere to reduce humidity and temperatures, and keep insects away.

Businesses that benefit from a portable air conditioner include:

  • Drive-in movie theaters
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Farmer's markets
  • Roadside produce stands
  • Outdoor festivals or events promoters
  • Other outdoor venues

Because a portable spot cooler can make an outdoor environment more comfortable it's an investment that can mean increased revenue during summer months.

Other reasons for portable spot coolers

Comfort is a big reason many people choose not to be outside when the temps soar. But for some, heat can be dangerous. People with chronic medical conditions may need to avoid the outdoors during the hot summer months for health reasons. Those who suffer from allergies, asthma or other breathing issues are vulnerable to high levels of humidity as well.

Installing portable spot coolers in the outdoor areas of your business can offer people with health concerns — as well as those who just may not enjoy sweltering heat — an opportunity to be comfortable outdoors.  

Workers need relief too. While the front end of your business is working to keep customers cool, behind-the-scenes areas — such as a kitchen, factory or a computer server room — can benefit from a portable spot cooler.

Electronics generate a lot of heat, and server rooms that many companies depend on become susceptible to many problems from an excess of heat. Whether you operate a tech firm or an assembly line, computers rebel when their environment heats up. If you have one system for your entire operation that means your servers will likely be too hot.

Installing a new HVAC system or air conditioning your whole building are options, but the increase in your electric bill may not be worth it. Purchasing and running a portable spot cooler might be the solution that makes sense for your budget.

Choosing the right portable spot cooler

There is a wide range of movable models available from those on wheels to ceiling- and wall-mounted air conditioners. While options are good, they can make decisions harder. Here are some considerations for selecting the right portable A/C for your business.

1. Location

It is easier to control the temperature of indoor environments as opposed to outdoor locations. If you're cooling an outside venue or area, you may need additional capacity or more units than if you're trying to reduce the temperature of an indoor space.

2.  Square footage

Calculate the square footage of the space to be cooled as well as the number of people expected to use that location at one time. Body heat can increase the temperature of a room quickly. The more people, the more powerful your portable spot cooler should be.

3. Size 

While you need a unit or units that will handle the heat — indoors or outside — you also don't need overkill. Bigger is not always better. Look at the chart below for recommendations about what size portable air conditioning unit would work best for your needs.

An oversized air conditioner can waste valuable energy. Because portable air conditioners remove both heat and humidity from the air, an oversized unit may cool  quickly, but only remove some of humidity, leaving a damp, clammy atmosphere. A properly sized unit will remove humidity properly as cooling occurs

4. Other considerations

If your indoor or outdoor location has a significant amount of shade, reduce the capacity by 10 percent. On the other hand, if the location gets a good deal of sun, increase the capacity by 1 percent.

If more than two people are in a closed room consistently, 600 BTUs should be added for each additional person. If you plan to place the portable spot cooler in a kitchen, you'll want to boost the capacity by 4,000 BTUs to compensate for the additional heat generated by cooking appliances.

The conditions in which this piece of equipment will be placed should also be part of your decision making process. Will it be worth for the space you're planning to use it? Or is it too small for your cooling needs? How much power is recommended for your specific use? Find out before going out and purchasing any piece of cooling equipment. 

Still have questions about using portable air conditioners? Talk to an indoor environmental solutions expert about your specific needs.

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