How to Use Portable Air Conditioners to Cool Your Home

Posted by Brenda Roy on Aug 6, 2019

how-to-use-portable-air-conditioners-to-cool-your-homeWhen summer’s heat arrives, everyone has their favorite tricks for keeping their home cool. Owners of portable air conditioners are no different. When you understand how portable air conditioners work, you can use yours correctly and more effectively to make the most of its cooling abilities. Here are some ways to use portable air conditioners to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all summer long.

Use the Right Unit Size

Portable air conditioners can only cool one area at a time. The larger that area, the bigger a unit you will need because bigger portable air conditioners have a higher power capacity to create more cool air. To cool a space most efficiently, pick a portable air conditioner with an appropriate number of BTUs to reach the entire space without being so big that you waste electricity. 

You may need to consider other factors also when selecting the power capacity of your unit. For instance, high ceilings, sunny windows, and kitchen appliances all make it more difficult to cool a room and would necessitate a more powerful portable air conditioner. 

Use Multiple Units

Depending on the area you’re trying to cool, it might be more efficient to use two smaller portable air conditioners to create airflow throughout the space. You will also need multiple portable air conditioners if you want to cool more than one part of your home at the same time, such as upstairs and downstairs. 

Move Your Unit

The great thing about portable air conditioners is you can move them. If you want to cool different rooms in your home at different times throughout the day, just unplug your unit and move it with you. Many homeowners will use their portable air conditioner in the main living area during the day and move it to a bedroom at night. 

Close Off the Cooled Area

The best way to keep your cool air from dissipating is to trap it where you want it. Do this by closing off doors wherever you're able and stuffing the cracks under your doors. This will concentrate the cold air where you want it and give your portable air conditioner cooler air to recycle, making it easier to keep that air cool. 

Place It Strategically

Portable air conditioners work better and last longer when their work is easier. Avoid placing your portable air conditioner in a very sunny or humid area. This extra heat and moisture will make it harder for your unit to cool the air. 

Your portable air conditioner will also work better if it has plenty of airflow. Placing your unit in too cramped of a spot will limit its input and thus the output of air. You’ll feel cooler too when there’s plenty of room to create a breeze. 

Turn It on Early

Pre-cool a room before it gets uncomfortably hot. Turning on your portable air conditioner before you feel the need for it, such as early in the day, allows it to more easily cool already comfortable air rather than asking it to cool hot air. This way you’ll have cooler air faster and won’t stress out your unit and wear it out. 

Keep It Maintained

Like all appliances, portable air conditioners work best when taken care of. Keep your unit clean and change or clean its filters regularly. A dirty filter can slow down air output, giving you less cool air and making the unit work harder. 

There are many ways to use portable air conditioners to cool your home the best way possible but picking the right one for you can be confusing. We can help. Contact Pure n Natural today for a free consultation and shop our selection of portable air conditioners. Shop Portable Air Conditioners

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