3 Reasons Why You Need a Cigar Smoke Eliminator for Your Cigar Lounge

Posted by Brenda Roy on Sep 10, 2019

3-reasons-why-you-need-a-cigar-smoke-eliminator-for-your-cigar-loungeIf you are opening a cigar lounge, you want it to be a place cigar enthusiasts will have a great experience. You want patrons to feel relaxed and comfortable while they savor fine cigars and enjoy the ambiance of your establishment. You have probably taken great care in selecting the cigars and drinks you will offer, the decor and furniture, and even the music. You want everything to be just right. 

While you sort out these details, don’t overlook a common problem at cigar lounges: too much smoke. Sure, patrons expect a little smoke, but you don’t want it to be overwhelming. To preserve the atmosphere you have so carefully planned for guests, install a cigar smoke eliminator (or several!) to eliminate the negative effects of heavy cigar smoke. Before you disregard this as an unnecessary expense, check out these three important reasons you need a cigar smoke eliminator in your cigar lounge. 

#1: It’s the Law

You know there are many regulations and codes you must follow when opening a commercial cigar lounge. Local ordinances establish the requirements for the amount of smoke allowed in your space and what kind of ventilation system must be installed. 

There are different levels of smoke ventilation, and some cigar lounges might get away with simply using fans to pull smoke from the room and vent it outdoors or air purifiers to catch the smoke particles. The most effective cigar smoke eliminator, however, is a smoke eater.  

A smoke eater is a machine designed to remove smoke from the air by drawing in and collecting smoke particles and gases before re-circulating the filtered air back into the room. They work better than regular air purifiers and will keep your lounge legal in any city. Just be sure to get one or several that have a large enough capacity for your space.

#2: To Keep Patrons Safe

It’s no secret that smoke can be dangerous. While cigar enthusiasts can decide how much smoking to subject their bodies to, you can help them control that amount by minimizing the second-hand smoke in your lounge.

Cigar smoke is heavier than cigarette smoke and contains lots of dangerous byproducts, in addition to carbon monoxide, that linger in the air. This is especially true in indoor spaces where smoke can quickly become overpowering.

Heavy smoke can induce or aggravate respiratory ailments, irritate eyes, and contribute to infections, lung and heart disease, and cancer. Help your guests stay safe and limit their exposure to smoke contaminants by using a smoke eater to eliminate excess smoke in your cigar lounge. 

#3: To Keep Patrons Comfortable

In addition to helping patrons stay safe, using a cigar smoke eliminator also helps keep them generally comfortable. While a little smoke is expected at a cigar lounge, the effects of a lot of smoke day after day can become overwhelming. 

Smoke clings to furniture and furnishings, which can give your establishment a stale, dirty odor. It can create a stifling, heavy feeling in the air and reduce visibility. Excessive smoke also clings to hair, skin, and clothes, which guests carry with them after they leave.

Your patrons want to enjoy their cigars without worrying about the aroma afterward. For their comfort, keep your cigar lounge clean and minimize odors with a cigar smoke eliminator like a smoke eater machine.

When you take steps to reduce the amount of lingering smoke in your cigar lounge, you guarantee the best experience for everyone. Your guests will be able to enjoy smoking cigars without being overpowered by the smoke.

Want to know more about eliminating smoke from your cigar lounge? Download Pure n Natural’s Cigar Lounge Owner’s Guide to Smoke Removal or contact us to discuss how our smoke eaters can give you the atmosphere you want for your guests.Cigar Lounge Owner's Guide to Smoke Removal

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