These Businesses Need an Industrial Air Purifier Right Away

Posted by David Allen on Feb 23, 2018

These-Businesses-Need-an-Industrial-Air-Purifier-Right-Away.jpgAn industrial air purifier can attack many issues, ranging from unpleasant odors to bacteria and allergens to dust and other airborne particles and debris. Almost any business — or home — can benefit from clean indoor air. But some businesses, by nature, have an obvious need for air purification and the benefits of a commercial-grade air purifier. These include:

1. Health, wellness, and beauty businesses

This includes hospitals, medical clinics, dental offices, and other healthcare facilities. Spa-goers and patrons of yoga studios also expect a clean indoor environment, including the air. Some manufacturers offer models of industrial air purifiers specifically geared toward nail salons.

2. Construction, restoration, and manufacturing companies

Companies that produce airborne particles, dust, debris, and the like as a regular part of their business function can often have indoor air concerns. Grinding, welding, or wood shops are also great candidates for commercial air purifiers.

3. Schools, fire departments, and other civic agencies

An industrial air purifier can help improve air quality indoors in places where you may want to protect people from illness and aggravation of allergies and respiratory ailments. It can help ensure the productivity of a work environment.

4. Sewage remediation, embalming, and other specialty industries

Some industries just plain stink! Or they regularly use chemicals, toxic materials, and other products that may permeate the air, causing unpleasant odors or containing chemicals or other substances you — and your colleagues — want to avoid breathing in.

5. Warehouses, storage facilities, and buildings with crawlspaces or basements

Closed-off or subterranean areas can be prime spots for indoor air problems. For more information about whether a commercial air cleaner makes sense for your business, talk to an indoor environmental solutions expert.




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