The Essentials of Smoke Smell Removal

Posted by David Allen on Mar 2, 2018

Smoke smell can The Essentials of Smoke Smell Removal.jpgmake your eyes water and cause coughing fits. It can make your clothes stink and create an unpleasant indoor environment. That's not to mention the adverse health effects smoke can have, such as aggravating respiratory conditions and — even worse — triggering heart problems. It also settles into fabrics and clings to surfaces, creating lingering effects. Fortunately, there are ways to get the smell of cigar, tobacco, forest fire and other kinds of smoke out of your house or business.

Try these tips for indoor smoke smell removal:


Properly ventilating and airing out your space can go a long way toward smoke smell removal. Throw open the window and doors and let fresh air circulate. Industrial or even box fans can help move air more quickly.

Clean surfaces

Wipe down floors and hard surfaces with a vinegar or another natural cleaning solution. Your cleaning efforts should also target objects like furnishings, tools, machines and the like. Don't forget to wipe down blinds and shades. Smoke can cling to any surface!

Wash fabrics

The smell of smoke especially burrows into fabrics and fiber items, such as carpet, unholstered furniture and curtains. Steam clean or hire a professional to clean your carpet. If that's not an option, sprinkle baking soda on your carpet, wait a day and vacuum it up. Repeat, if needed. Launder fabrics like curtains, rugs and pillows for complete smoke smell removal.

Smoke smell prevention

Once you remove the smoke smell from your area, the next step is to prevent smoke from permeating the air indoors and any furnishings or property you have in the first place. Consider installing smoke eaters or air purifiers to maintain a clean, green and healthy indoor environment. There are numerous smoke eater and air purifier models on the market to address a variety of smoke removal and other needs. 

For a free consultation to determine your smoke eater or air purifier needs, contact the experts at Pure n Natural.

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