The Basics of Buying a Smoke Eater for a Vape Shop

Posted by Brenda Roy on Mar 14, 2018

The Basics of Buying a Smoke Eater for a Vape Shop.jpgA smoke eater isn't just a necessity for cigar bars and hookah lounges, vape shops need smoke removal systems as well. A clean indoor environment protects workers from potentially harmful byproducts of vaping and creates a pleasant environment your customers will want to return to again and again. The smoke associated with smoking e-cigarettes has properties that make it unique to cigar smoke and other byproducts of smoking. Consider the basics before buying a vape shop smoke remover:

Smoke eater size matters

Figure out the room size. The size of the room or space you need to keep clean will affect which smoke eaters will work for your vape shop. Figure out the square footage of your space before you shop. Commercial smoke eaters work for ranges spanning 250 feet to 2,000 square feet. Bigger businesses may require multiple smoke eaters to properly and efficiently keep your indoor air clean.

Models made for vape smoke

Consider models manufactured specifically for vape shops. These are designed to filter the moist, billowing smoke unique to electronic cigarettes. Vapor from e-cigarettes is mostly made up of two substances: propylene glycol and glycerin. These two substances are conductive and do not evaporate well, causing droplets to form inside.

Smoke eaters designed for vape smoke are made to handle the moisture without impact to the electrical components. It may have a drip tray to catch condensation associated with "e-juice." For example, the Smokemaster C12-E-Cig Smoke Eater and the X11Q-E-Cig Electronic Smoke Eater are designed specifically with vape shops in mind.

Other features

Before buying a smoke remover for a vape shop, you may want to consider some other factors, such as:

Installation: Where do you plan to install your smoke eater unit? Does it need to be mounted or hidden?

Aesthetics: Does it need to blend into your business decor? Some units may come in different colors or finishes.

Convenience: Do you need a wall switch kit to operate it? Some units may come with this option.

For a free consultation on choosing the right smoke eater for your vape shop or other related business, contact Pure n Natural.

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