Don’t Let Excess Moisture Damage Your Business

Posted by Brenda Roy on Jun 9, 2015

Ebac CD-425 Industrial Dehumidifier is perfect for warehouses and factories.It doesn’t matter if you have a shop, office building, warehouse, or a factory. If you have excess moisture in your indoor environment, it can cause serious damage. Humidity can cause corrosion, water damage, mold growth, and rotting. If you have a business that uses sensitive machinery, the humidity can negatively impact how well the machine performs.

Reversing damage caused by humidity and condensation can cost thousands of dollars. However, there are ways to prevent the problem, which will help your business save money.

Install Proper Ventilation

Your first line of defense is to make sure that your building or shop is well ventilated. If it isn’t, excess moisture will get trapped indoors without a way to escape. This is where the real problems begin. Because the moisture can’t get outside, it can cause condensation, mold growth, corrosion, and even rotting. Once these problems surface, they’re very difficult and expensive to control. By installing a great ventilation system, you’ll keep the air inside your business circulating properly.

Use Commercial Dehumidifiers

Commercial dehumidifiers are helpful for buildings and storage areas (including basements, crawl spaces, warehouses, etc.) where moisture can ruin valuables such as stored documents, building materials, carpeting, etc. and also contribute to mold & mildew, etc. Now that spring has arrived, rain and snow melt will cause extra moisture that should be address before it turns into an expensive problem.

Commercial dehumidifiers remove excess water vapor from the air before it can settle on any of your surfaces. Ebac commercial and industrial dehumidifiers are designed with your business in mind. They have units that can accommodate a variety of spaces, even crawl spaces.

How can you tell if the dehumidifier is really working? Well, you should notice a difference in the air quality within a few hours because the air will feel dryer and a lot more comfortable. Also, you should notice that mold and mildew no longer build up. Other long-term benefits include corrosion prevention, no condensation on the windows and walls, and no moisture-related rotting on any wooden paneling.

Control the Climate

Being able to control the temperature inside your business also makes a difference in the moisture level. For example, did you know that warmer air holds more humidity than cooler air? A commercial system will allow you to easily control the temperature. That way, you can adjust the temperature as needed to help balance out the humidity.

If you have excess moisture in your place of business, it can cause damage to your infrastructure, equipment, and even your products. Don’t let this happen to you! By installing the right ventilation system and a commercial dehumidifier as well as effectively controlling the climate, you’ll be able to prevent the problem before it starts. Not only that, but you’ll save money, too.

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