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6 Reasons to Use Bottleless Water Coolers

Posted by Brenda Roy on Jun 30, 2015 3:00:57 AM

6 Reasons to Use Bottleless Water CoolersMost people don’t realize how bad plastic bottles really are for the environment. Even though recycling is a good option, only around 23% of all plastic bottles actually get recycled – the rest languish in landfills. What’s even worse is that it can take over four hundred years for a plastic bottle to finally break down!

In order to reduce the amount of plastic bottles you use, you should really consider a bottleless water cooler! Here’s a summary of some of the reasons why buying a bottleless water cooler is such a good idea.

Eliminate Waste

By using a water cooler that doesn’t require a plastic bottle, you won’t generate as much waste. Think about how many plastic bottles you use on a regular basis. It adds up!

Save Money

The costs associated with using plastic bottles can really add up! Bottleless water coolers, on the other hand, require only the initial expense of the cooler itself. You’ll also need to replace the filters from time to time. However, you’ll still be able to save money because you’ll be using the municipal water supply.

Increased Versatility

Most water cooler units are extremely versatile. They are great for both commercial and home use. Many units also have the capability to deliver both hot and cold water. This eliminates the need to use the stovetop or microwave to make the water hot.

Save Energy 

Did you know that plastic bottles use a lot of petroleum? In order to meet the high demand, millions of gallons of oil are used each year. Since it is a nonrenewable resource, this can be costly.

More Sanitary

Did you know that water coolers that use plastic bottles are less than sanitary? The problem is that contaminates such as microorganisms and bacteria can get trapped in the water. Bottleless water coolers, on the other hand, are a more sanitary choice.

Better Taste

Water that comes out of a bottleless water cooler simply tastes better! Because the water is filtered on demand, it always tastes fresh and clean. Water that has been stored in plastic bottles, however, doesn’t taste as good. One of the main reasons for this is that when these plastic bottles are exposed to heat and light, they can leech chemicals from the plastic into the water.

As you can see, bottleless water coolers are a much better choice. They’re eco friendly, cost effective, and also provide you with fresh, clean water whenever you need it!

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