Do You Need A Home Water Filter System?

Posted by Brenda Roy on Sep 17, 2019

One of the modern conveniences we have all come to take for granted is clean water. Gone are the days of collecting muddy river water or contracting water-borne diseases. If it’s coming out of a faucet, it’s generally safe for human use.

However, some of our modern water treatment methods cause other issues that many people find just as problematic as dirty water. Just because water is “clean” doesn’t mean it’s completely free of contaminants, and there is concern about what those contaminants can do to our families and homes. 

For these people, the answer is often a home water filter system. Different home water filter systems can filter the water supply for one tap or your whole house, depending on your needs. Either way, the purpose is to provide you with purified water you can feel confident in. 

Not sure if you need a home water filter system? Here are some of the most common reasons people today switch to filtered water at home. 

If you are health-conscious

While most city and well water are treated today to prevent illness, that doesn’t mean your water is pure. Those treatment methods include chemicals that are a concern for people who are intent on keeping toxins out of their bodies. The amounts of these chemicals are supposedly safe, but some people believe no amount of chemical exposure is healthy.

These concerns extend to all types of water usage, not just drinking water. Chemicals can be absorbed through the skin or give off fumes in a hot shower. If you want to completely avoid the unknown risks of chemically-treated water, you should consider a whole house water filtration system to purify your home’s entire water supply.

If you are concerned about the safety of your water

How confident are you in the safety of your tap water? City water treatment plants and systems are not fail-proof. Every year there are stories about city water supplies being contaminated by pollution, heavy metals, and disease-carrying pathogens. 

If you would rather be safe than sorry, investing in a home water filter system can save you a lot of worry over the safety of your tap water. These systems can filter out many of the impurities that come from corroded pipes, sewage, and contaminated soil.

If you have sensitive taste buds

Another common reason families invest in a home water filter system is a matter of taste. We all know a picky eater. Well, some people are picky about how their water tastes too. If your tap or well water has a flavor or odor that bothers you, welcome to the club. 

Unpalatable water is often caused by too many chemicals or minerals in the water, so the ideal solution is to install a home water filter system. Under the sink, countertop, or even a whole house system should do it. Whatever system you choose, you’ll have crisp, clean water in no time!

If you spend a lot of money on bottled water

Often families who dislike the contaminants and flavor of tap or well water resort to buying bottled water. This can become costly however, not to mention all of that plastic isn’t great for the environment. If you habitually buy purified bottled water, it’s time to invest in a home water filter system. A countertop water dispenser with a filter is a great option if all you want is purified drinking water. 

Whatever your concerns about your home’s water supply, a home water filter system can help. There are many types to choose from to address all of your needs. Having a hard time selecting the right water filter system for your home? Pure n Natural can help. Contact us for all of your water filtration questions and shop our selection of water filtration systems. SHOP NOW FOR WATER FILTRATION SYSTEMS

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