6 Reasons to Use a Portable Air Purifier at Home

Posted by Brenda Roy on Oct 22, 2019

6-reasons-to-use-a-portable-air-purifier-at-homeYou clean your dishes. You clean your laundry. You clean your home. But what about your air? Can you truly say you have a clean house if the air you breathe is filled with dust and bacteria? Those same particles you remove from household surfaces every day are also floating in the air. Shouldn’t you clean your air too? 

Using a portable air purifier at home can give you fresh air indoors all year long. If you aren’t sure if using a portable air purifier is worth it, here are some reasons why you should consider trying one.

1. You live in a tight space

If you live in a small home such as an apartment or trailer, the trapped air in your living space can quickly become stale. More importantly, your walls tend to contain and collect pollutants that seep into your air. The EPA estimates that pollutants are as much as five times higher in our homes than outdoors. A portable air purifier can remove many of those pollutants and freshen up the feeling of your small home.

2. You suffer from allergies or respiratory issues

Allergies are an immune response to foreign particles that enter your body. Dander, dust, pollen, and chemical compounds in the air can all trigger allergies and respiratory problems like asthma. Many allergy and asthma sufferers find relief at home with a portable air purifier outfitted with activated carbon and a HEPA filter. This combination can remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles. 

3. Someone in your home has a compromised immune system 

Whether a family member is undergoing medical treatment, is very young, very old, or pregnant, you have extra reason to reduce the airborne pathogens in your home. Portable air purifiers with HEPA filters are adept at capturing illness-causing bacteria and viruses before they make anyone sick. 

4. There’s a reason to question outdoor air quality

There’s no way to prevent outside air and air pollution from entering your home. If you live in an area with a lot of smog or air pollution from highways or industrial sites, a portable air purifier can remove that pollution from the air in your house. 

If you live in an area prone to forest fires or even volcanic activity, an air purifier can help remove the smoke and odor that may invade your home. 

5. Odors bother you

Have a sensitive nose? Portable air purifiers are great for eliminating household odors. If you live in an apartment or condo and can’t stand the cooking or smoking odors coming from your neighbors, an air purifier can fix that. 

If you use odorous materials for art or home improvement projects, a portable air purifier in your workspace can dissipate toxic fumes and odors. 

6. There’s a smoker in your home

According to the CDC, there is no safe level of secondhand smoke. If you live with or are a smoker, however, you can reduce the health risks by cleaning the air with an air purifier. Air purifiers can remove the smoke particles and chemicals from breathing air for other household members and give their lungs a break. An air purifier will also reduce the stale smell of old smoke to help your house smell more pleasant.

There are many reasons to use a portable air purifier at home, but they all come down to health and comfort. Your family will breathe easier with fresh, clean air that isn’t making them sick, and everyone will appreciate an odor-free home. 

Smoke is one of the toughest pollutants to eliminate, but it isn’t impossible. If you have questions about smoke removal, check out Pure n Natural’s Smoke Removal Ebook or ask us about our variety of air purifiers and smoke eaters.


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