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The Art of Hydration

Posted by Joshua Meyer on May 9, 2017 2:42:35 PM

With the summer months just around the corner, don’t forget the importance of healthy hydration to your overall wellness. Whether you’re exercising, playing sports, gardening outdoors, or even taking a brief walk in the summer heat, don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Let’s discuss a few droplets of hydration information to keep your body happy and healthy!

Why is Hydration Important?

Drinking enough water can help you achieve or maintain a healthy weight, keep your mind clear and alert, improve your mood, and keep all of your vital organs functioning at their very best. After all, our bodies are over two-thirds water!

Water is also important for circulation, is a transport material for nutrients and active cells, a shock absorber for joints, and a solvent involved in many of the body’s metabolic pathways.

Additionally, drinking enough water is essential for a happy heart. Heart disease is the number one cause of mortality in the United States. If you’re drinking enough water, your heart doesn’t have to work nearly as hard.

How Much Water to Drink...

Most health professionals have confirmed that healthy adults should get 30 to 50 ounces of water every day. That’s about 1 to 1.5 liters. Make sure to watch your water, and drink 5 eight ounce glasses each day. Count your glasses!

It’s also important to remember that as we age further into adulthood, we also lose our sense of thirst and don’t notice we are thirsty as often as we did when we were younger. That could be a problem for anyone who is on a medication that may cause fluid loss.

Best Ways to Stay Hydrated...

The best way to stay properly hydrated is to drink a glass of pure, filtered water. Water is the beverage of benefits. Be sure to always drink filtered water to avoid the toxins and chemicals that can be found in tap water.

Here are three words of water wisdom!

  1. Begin the day with a full glass of water! Get the day off to a refreshing start.
  2. Are you really hungry? Remember, before you extend your hand to a delicious snack within two hours of previously eating, it could be your body telling you that you’re thirsty. Try gulping a glass of water and waiting a few minutes to decide if that does the trick.
  3. Nibble on water-filled foods: In addition to drinking water or the occasional beverage, many foods are very hydrating, including foods like hamburger, chicken, and soups; celery, cucumbers, and lettuce; and grapes, grapefruit, and the aptly-named watermelon.

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